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How do you say it? Do you pronounce it AH-THA-MAY, AH-THAME, or A-THA-ME? Or, Do you call it a dagger, or blade? Which ever way you prefer, you can find all versions of the athame here! There are many different beliefs and ideas on where the word "athame" came from. Some believe it was derived from the Latin word artavus which could be found written in the oldest manuscripts of "The Key of Solomon." There are various places one could say it comes from, but the name is not nearly as important as the tool its self. The Athame, in modern witchcraft and neopagan belief is considered to be one of the most important tools used in ritual. We use our athame in the craft to channel and direct energy when creating our sacred space. We also use the athame to "cast circle." It is extremely important because the athame is what helps to create the boundary between the sacred space we create and the mundane world, and this boundary is used and created for protection. Athames are commonly found with a black or dark colored handle, and usually double edged. Though the athame can be used for many purposes, it is never used to cut anything physically. For cutting herbs or other objects pertaining to the craft, a boline is used. A boline is a separate ritual tool from an athame and will contain a blade that is sharp enough for actual cutting. Within this collection of products, you will be able to find both athames and bolines in many different shapes and designs.

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