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Beautifully crafted and unique animal totem necklaces. What is an Animal Totem, Animal Guide, Familiar or Animal Spirit Totem? Animal totems have been used by people for thousands of years to help guide one along one's spiritual journey. It is said that each person has numerous "spirit guides" and it is up to the person themselves to find what and who their guides are. Animal totems can be looked upon as nature's spiritual and life guidance counselors, with each persons totem connecting specifically to one's self at that specific point in their lives. You may notice an animal that comes around more often then others, or an animal that you dream about, or connect with unlike any other animal. You will know when you have found your totem animal. It can be done either through guided meditations, shamanic journeys, trance work, or just by feeling the connection to your totem in this existence. Our totem animals are here to teach us, protect us, and help guide us in our daily lives. Each totem animal is different, therefore the meaning and purpose behind your animal totem will be different then someone else. With the internet, you are easily able to find the meaning behind your totem animal and what it is trying to teach you. Keep an open mind and an open heart and you will find your totem-or you totem may find you! Help connect with your animal totem by purchasing one of our beautiful animal totem necklaces.

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