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Spirit Board Altar Table with Drawer 12"


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This fantastic altar table is of truly unique construction. The entire top surface has been carved into the likeness of a spirit board, allowing you to seek answers with a pendulum or other such form of dowsing from the worlds beyond. Complete with the entire alphabet, numerals 1 through 0, Yes and No answers, and other such possibilities, it is a great conduit to divination and the wisdom of the spirits beyond. Beneath you will also find a drawer built into the table-top, pulling open with a pull ring affixed to a sun-shaped metal boss. With a sizeable interior dimension (approximately 9" by 5" by 1 1/4") the drawer can easily hold many varieties of wands, pendulums, and other ritual tools, making the altar table a handy piece for those who need a portable altar and storage space. The entire altar table measures approximately 12" wide, 12" deep, and 7 3/4" high.

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