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Gorgeous Wiccan altar cloths and pagan tapestries to suit all of your magical and ritual needs. Altar cloths serve a few different purposes in reference to witchcraft and Wiccan rituals. Altar cloths may contain various symbols and colors to correspond to a specific intent or purpose behind a practitioners altar. Altar cloths also serve to function as a barrier to help protect your altar and furnishings from accidental spills of various spell supplies when working magick, like essential oils, candle wax or incense ashes. Most pagans and practitioners of the craft will agree, that your altar is exactly that, yours! Your altar could be formal, sympathetic, ritual or an every day household altar, and no two will be the same. This is because there is no limit to the creativity one could have in decorating your sacred space. We are here to help with that creativity. Eclectic Artisans carries a large variety of ritual altar cloths and altar tapestries ranging in numerous shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Eclectic Artisans has strong relationships with a multitude of suppliers that make and sell occult products. Our relationships with our suppliers allow us to curate quality and affordable collections of altar supplies for our customers. We look forward to shipping out your new altar cloth today!

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