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Witches Calendars, Wiccan Calendars, Pagan Calenders, Pagan Almanacs and more, right here at Eclectic Artisans! Each of these well written Pagan Calendars, Almanacs & Datebooks are filled with magical ways of keeping you organized, informed and up to date on everything pertaining to your craft. Weather you enjoy help with a spell a day, need a recipe for Samhain, or looking to know when mercury is in retrograde, each of these Wiccan & Pagan Almanacs will surely come in handy! These are must have items for serious magical practitioners!

We are excited to bring back the best selling and most popular titles such as the Witches Almanac of Spring 2014-2015, The 2014 Witches Calendar by Llewellyn, The best selling 2014 Astrological Calendar by Llewellyn, the 2014 Moon Sign Book & the 2014 Sun Sign book by Llewellyn, The 2014 Witches Datebook, 2014 Sabbats Almanac, 2014 Magical Almanac, The Witches Spell A Day Almanac, The 2014 Witches Companion and many more! Start the new year with magic, and learn to look for magic in the mundane.

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