NEW Spiritual Jewelry-Handmade Mandala Jewelry!

Posted May 28 2013

 Brand New To Eclectic Artisans-Handmade Mandala Jewelery!

mandala jewelryOne of our newest artisans to Join and showcase their beautifully hand crafted Mandala Jewelry has their items available now! Fantastic Mandala Necklaces & Mandala Bracelets by "Mandala Luna Seshat". Each piece in this collection comes with a necklace, matching bracelet and a unique vial to hold your new piece of handmade jewelry! mandala jewelry handmade

Luna Seshat is an artist that has practiced the technique and art of mandalas for over 5 years now. Each piece of jewelry is bonded with its specified intent and purpose. Each piece is not only handmade and hand crafted, but is also personally hand painted with colorful enamel as well. Come on my and take a look at Luna Seshat's FANTASTIC selection of wonderful mandala jewelry today!