New Features Now Available For Pagan & Wiccan Artisans & Vendors!

Posted December 28 2012

Greetings Friends! May this post reach you well! With the Holidays just about over, the people behind the scenes here at Eclectic Artisans have been working like elves to bring EA to an entire new level of efficiency for artisans & artists to have a unique resource and venue to showcase and sell their handmade Pagan, Wiccan, New Age & Metaphysical products.

Eclectic Artisans has gone LIVE with our new updates for vendors & customers. There are new features that have been placed to make your shopping experience even more easier for customer AND we have implemented fantastic new features for vendors to sell their items.

Updates For Artisans & Vendors - "Command Central"

Eclectic Artisans has gone through an upgrade to our site to make it easier to join AND sell handmade, artisanal, Pagan, Wiccan, New Age & Metaphysical supplies. Check out some of the AWESOME new features below...

Online Registration-Prior to the update just implemented, all registrations had to go through a tedious process of signing agreements and e-mailing, faxing or snail mail. WELL FRET NO MORE! We are now FULLY AUTOMATED! New registrations can easily be done with a click of a few buttons. Simply fill out the registration form, which can be found here. On the form you include some simple info like your name and address as well as a few product photos to go along with your registration. Once you hit submit, you are done. Form there, if approved to join and sell, you receive an e-mail specifying you have been approved!

Adding, Editing, Updating & Maintaining your shop is now easier then ever at Eclectic Artisans! Since everything is now updated and online you can do the following now below, via "Command Central"...

  • Add New Products-This is self explanatory. Prior to these new upgrades, it was a complicated process. Now it is all done from the website's home page! Easy Peasy!
  • Edit & Update Product Listings- Via COMMAND CENTRAL, you now have the ability to edit listings directly from the EA homepage. You simply specify what is needed to be done and we do the hard work for you!
  • Submit Tracking #'s- After shipping an item, you are now able to submit the tracking # directly in command central. Before, artisans had to e-mail them. Not Any More!
  • Request A Complete Shop Report- Artisans now have the ability to receive an up to date report of their shop and its current standings via command central. Simply fill in the info, and you will receive your report via e-mail.
  • Edit/Update Personal Info- Artisans now are able to edit and update their personal information i.e. address, e-mail, username, password, etc. directly from command central.

Custom Requests- Eclectic Artisans has upgraded our site's technology to allow artisans & vendors the ability to have customers create custom request items, directly from their shops. You are now able to create products that customers can customize based on any specification you wish. From letting customers pick custom colors, sizes, shapes, materials, & more!

ALSO, you can add text boxes to your products for the customer to leave notes or type in important info pertaining to the item being ordered to even further customize their product(s).

• Artiasns & vendors will be given the ability (if they wish) to allow customers to upload images or pictures of anything they wish for the artisan to see to customize products even further. Example- Let's say you make jewelry and the customer wanted a custom piece. They can upload a photo of lets say, a certain picture of a flower, for the artisan to duplicate into the jewelry. This technology is wonderful and allows for endless opportunity for the vendor/artisan and endless possibilities for special products.

New Updates For Customers

With our new updates to Eclectic Artisans, customers now have some easy to use features to assist them during and after their purchases. Check out these new features below.

  • Order Status Update- Before our updates, customers would automatically get confirmation e-mail receipts when they make a purchase, when the order has been shipped and tracking number info updates. NOW you have the ability to visit our order status update center on the homepage on the bottom navigation menu (or here). Simply type in your e-mail address and your order # and from there you will be able to see in real time, any notes & information pertaining to your order, as well as receive updated tracking info and more!
  • Contact Us Page- Eclectic Artisans wants to make sure ALL customers are not only taken care of, but are able to get the answers they need, when they want them. With our new contact us page, customers are able to do the following,
    • Ask specific questions pertaining to EA, or a shop owner. • Request a custom item from an artisan, • Refer an artisan, • Request a refund or return, • File a dispute on an artisan or their product(s), •Report technical issues with the site. These new features allow you, the customer, to get the answer and requests done quickly & efficiently, without the hassle of a phone call or e-mail.

As you can see, Eclectic Artisans is working hard to make this the most affordable, effective and easy to use online marketplace around. Our goal is to create happy vendors AND happy customers! We look forward to bringing even more new features and updates to further enrich your shopping and selling experience. May your New Year be full of Happiness, Good Health, Prosperity & Joy! 

~Blessed Be Friends~