New Members of Eclectic Artisans Team! New Handmade Athames & Our First International Team Member!

Posted August 20 2012

Eclectic Artisans would like to welcome the following new members to the Eclectic Artisans Team...Grey Bear & Victoriya!

Victoriya is Eclectic Artisans FIRST INTERNATIONAL TEAM MEMBER. She is from the beautiful Mediterranean country of Greece. Victoriya is the creator of the "Accessory Gallery"~a phenomenal selection of unique barefoot sandals and hand sewn masterpieces! Stop on by her collection and take a look at her new items in stock! With her keen view on style, each of her hand sewn creations are simply breathtaking. Due to the unique styles and concepts she comes up with, you may end up having to purchase more  than just one pair of these cuties! 

Grey Bear
has been a close friend to the Eclectic Artisans Family now for a little over a year. Known for his exquisitely beautiful creations such as jewelry, wands, spell supplies, and ritual tools. What he is known for the most is his exceptional skill with being able to create masterfully crafted Athames! With a completely unique collection of products, ranging in all types of designs and products, you will be sure to find that one of a kind work that your heart desires! Be sure to check out his collection of products, and see what makes him stand out. His collection of products, simply titled "Old World Ways", his items and technique does not differ much from the old world ways they use to be created.