New Members Of The Eclectic Artisans Team!

Posted June 07 2012

Hey Guys...Check Out The Newest Members Of The Eclectic Artisans Team! Willow & Velody!

Velody- She is the creator of Treegold & Beegold. Her product line is vast and currently consists of some of the ONLY "pagan stick family decals" and Children's Pagan Products that you can get online! Made of the Highest Quality Outdoor Grade Vinyl, her decals are perfect for your car & are made to last! She also will be providing a line of pagan children's products- from pagan toys, blankets, bibs, patches & so much more! As a wife, and a mother of 2, when she is not working on her craft, or creating her wonderful products, she enjoys blogging and maintaining pagan parenting groups online. Check out her pagan parenting blog HERE . It's a great resource for parents, and consists of tons of information on crafting with your children as well as interacting with other pagan parents! We are happy to have Velody Join the Eclectic Artisans Team! Welcome to the team Velody, we are excited to have you!

Willow- Meet Willow. She is the Creator of the Willow Creations 2012. Willow's talents lie in the skill of crafting, etching, and burning handmade pendulum & talking boards. Using her skill, Willow works with the energies of the different woods to create enchanting & magickal designs. From Fairies to Egyptian deity, Willow truly knows how to create wonderful divinatory products as well as products that we in the pagan community love. As a mother of 2, Willow and her family have been practicing Wicca since 2008. Her goal is to provide exciting and unique products for the people of the pagan community that will help guide people down their individual paths. You are sure to fall in love with her creations, and with the quality and dedication she puts into each item, you are sure to be pleased with your very own pendulum board made by Willow. We are so happy to have Willow join our fantastic team of Artisans! Welcome Willow, we are excited to have you!