New Artist's & Vendor's

Posted April 05 2012

~Eclectic Artisans would like to welcome our NEWEST ARTISTS/VENDORS to our Team~

Fey- With Project Fey: Fey creates handcrafted books of shadows, wands, and wooden altar supplies as ritual tools. Her collection if loved by so many because she is 100% Eco-friendly. She does her complete best to utilize only fallen wood to create her handmade products, the supplies she uses are Eco-friendly, the dyes and colorants for the books of shadows are completely organic and created by her. Come check out her wonderful items here, at the Project Fey collection


Linda- Spiritual Styles: Linda Farr is a Psychic, Medium, and Reiki Master. She has been practicing her skill for 30 years now, and has grown her client base solely on word of mouth. She doesn't advertise herself as a psychic or medium, as her clients are so very impressed with her, they share Linda's information with friends and family. Not only does Linda have a wonderful skill as a psychic, medium, and a Reiki Master, but she also is very talented in creating Handmade Pendulums, and Handcrafted Jewelry. Each item she creates is infused and charged with her own Reiki energy. The energy just simply adds to the beauty of all of her items, of which are beautiful in and of themselves. She also will be adding another collection of items soon, as this will be a lil' secret until they are created and ready to sell. Come check out her wonderful items here, at the Spiritual Styles Collection.


Aesa- Gaeltachtile: Aesa is a young pagan from Texas, and decided to join the EA team to help us achieve our mission. Aesa is an officer on the board of the Texas Local Council of the Covenant of the Goddess, and a talented artisan. She is the creator of the "Gaeltachtile" collection. "Gaeltachtile" is a combination of the words "Gaeltacht" (Irish-speaking regions of Ireland) and "Tactile". This collection contains simple everyday-use and ritual items that fit comfortably into the homes of modern pagans. Items in this collection look equally lovely displayed casually around your house or on your altar. Come on by and check out her wonderful items here, at the Gaeltachtile collection!

We here at Eclectic Artisans Are DEEPLY honored that our new friends here have decided to place their handcrafted items on our site. Eclectic Artisans goal is to become a consortium of handcrafted, handmade pagan, wiccan, metaphysical, new age, and magickal supplies-Geared and Catering to the pagan/new age/metaphysical community! With each of our newest vendor's collections, we are able to come closer to achieving that goal every day!