Dunedin Art Fair!

Posted January 14 2012

Today's visit to the 14th Annual Dunedin Art Fair went GREAT! We have established new relationships with FIVE new vendors interested in launching with us. We spoke with 2 mixed media artists, one digital artist, an eclectic fountain artist and an extremely unique wind chime artist using extremely unique "utensils"! These artists we met today are extremely dedicated to sharing their talents with the world. They will work perfectly in line with our mission of providing HIGH QUALITY HAND CRAFTED GOODS!

The 200+ vendors put on a beautiful art show today, and we thank those that took the time to speak with us about joining our site! We are super excited to get things rolling with our new contacts! It's going to be a busy week! You will start to see all of our various vendors' products slowing showing up this week, as we establish the legalities and contracts with each vendor!

We are excited to see what you guys think about the new products that are soon to come. We know for sure you will enjoy them! There will be something for everyone! Keep an eye out. We are thinking of something BIG to do for our launch day on February 1, so you willl definitely want to keep an eye out for that soon to come promotion! We will see you soon!

Bright Blessings,