Faeries, Faeries Everywhere?

Posted September 25 2013

I decided to have a bit of an experiment and let everyone know how the results went, thus far.

I planted 14 basil seeds in mason jars on the full, Blue, moon of August 20. I used same exact soil, seeds, amount of soil and water. I asked that the faeries watch over one and left the other alone. My daughter assisted me by holding the jar, closing her eyes and saying “I wish, I wish that the faeries please take care of this plant so that it will grow and be lovely”, cutest thing ever.

The jar on the left is the one with faery protection, the one on the right is suppose to be growing on it's own
Day 2: The next day I poured some sweet coffee on the ground next to where the plant stand is to share and say thank you to to the faeries, once again asking them to help the seeds grow and be healthy while touching the jar that I wanted them to watch over.

Day 3: I have not watered since planting since it has rained last two days.

Day4: Checked on the plants and they are starting to grow! My daughter was so excited she screamed and ran to get the camera yelling to her father, “they're growing, they're growing!!” We left an offering of a little cookie and said our thanks. Although the jar on the right has more seedlings, I was still hopeful and decided to just go with the flow.

Day 7: I didn't notice a difference as of yet, going to do some research to see if there is something that I can do more to ask the faeries for their help.

Day 8: Gave offering of milk and honey for thanks.

Day 10: I took the basil out of the jars because the water drainage was not good enough, and potted them in little plastic pots. 

After keeping track up to two weeks and not noticing any difference, I was a bit discouraged and then had three thoughts.
1. Maybe the faeries are just being stubborn and not accepting my experiment
2. I cannot expect to ask the faeries to only take care of one plant, they take care of all plants
3. There are no faeries?? Pfft!

My daughter and I decided to plant out other herbs, she loves to help me plant. We planted chamomile, lavender, chives, parsley, thyme, oregano, dill, cilantro plus some wild flower seeds for the butterflies. We planted these seeds about 2 weeks ago and they are growing very slow, so I was hopeful that the faeries did join in on my experiment to prove to the world that they are there (hehe)! Then I found out that basil is an extremely fast grower...which as a witch I should know, but was never blessed with a green thumb. Until now it seems! I use to say that I couldn't even keep a cactus alive. (smh)

Yes, basil does seem like a fast and healthy growing plant, but I am convinced that my daughter and I putting good energy into the plant and asking the faeries to help protect it has played a small part. When I was outside today checking on the little seedlings and the much bigger basil, I did notice that the one basil (that I didn't ask help for) had been eaten a bit by a bug. I checked the other basil (that I did ask help for) and it didn't have any marks on the delicate leaves. Hmmm...

8/31                                                       9/7

Found a friend, this picture was taken on September 17, you can see how big the basil is getting.

And these were taken about 20 minutes ago. :) Again, the plant on the left is the plant I asked the faeries to protect and help grow healthy.

A very dear friend of mine posted a quote today, “To see faeries you have to believe” - J.M. Barrie-
It was perfect timing, also it reminded me of a poem I wrote while I pondered this little experiment and it goes like this...

The wind blows beneath the trees, ever so slightly lifting leaves
There is a twinkle of light. What could that be? These are true fairy tales for you and me
The little winged people flying about with wings that shimmer who help plants sprout
I have never seen one of these magical creatures, that live with nature and have delicate features
But I know they are there, indeed I do
They live in the hallows, the gardens and sometimes with you
Taking things, hiding things, replacing things and sparkly things
These little beings are feisty things but ask a favor and the wish they bring
Take care of them and they will you, leave them honey and milk in the morning dew
Protect them and they will you, never doubt what you know you already knew
They are there...

Until next time. Blessed Be.