A Short Recognition For Our Father Sun

Posted July 26 2013


One of the workshops held at FPG last Samhain was by Dorothy Morrison, although I did not attend the workshop a few of my sisters did and seemed to be both intrigued and excited about what they had just learned. Them being intrigued, of course, also intrigue me! Upon returning home from that weekend one of the first things I did was sit down at my computer to look up the book 'Utterly Wicked'. This book was the main focus of the workshop and as the rest of the title reads 'Curses, Hexes & Other Unsavory Notions', that is exactly what was talked about. I did end up ordering this book out of curiosity but I also ordered two of her other books. 'Everyday Sun Magic' and 'Everday Moon Magic'. I really like both of these books but I love 'Everyday Sun Magic' and am so happy I bought it.

I love looking at nature during the day and at night. The daytime and nighttime hold so many beautiful things to see, hear and feel. Mother Moon has always had a stronger pull for me for rituals and magical workings. This is what I learned and every celebration has been held at night around a burning fire. Just as a mother, the night time brings comfort, peacefulness, a sense of love and calmness. Also, just as a mother, the moon watches over us, protects us. 


I have always loved Father Sun as well but had no idea of the many magical things that were offered during his time reigning over us in the daylight hours. Just as the moon reflects motherly traits, the sun reflects fatherly traits. The sun gives us energy and ambition, provides for us. He is the pillar of strength, support and discipline. His work is endless and, often, thankless. At the end of the day, just for a moment, he caresses his eternal love. Then lovingly he rests so the mother can be with her children.


After reading Dorothy Morrison's book I was delighted! It made sense and I had one of those “Why didn't I realize this before?” thoughts. In her book she explains the different energies of the sun from waking to sleeping and what magical works can be done in those hours. It helped me view the day in a different light and I am most appreciative for that. In the beginning of her book, Part One 'Embracing the Sun', she writes a poem:

He ends the night and heralds the day

He wakes us up for work and play

He stirs the seed deep in Earth

And sends it sprouting through Her girth

He rules our months our seasons, our days

And with His fire, He lights our way

He brings us joy and warms our hearts

He promises a brand new start

He doles out doses of vitamin D

To increase our calcium absorbency

He brings us air and stirs the tides

And all the while, through the sky He rides

Without a cross word, or single objection

Do you know who He is? Have you made the connection?

He is none other than the glorious Sun

Who only finds rest when the day is done

-Dorothy Morrison

Indeed, Father Sun is glorious in all his light and energy. Being outside in nature, or even in the city, I can't help but smile when the rays of light shine through the clouds. Or when the rising sun peaks through the morning sky, glistening on the dew drops, waking the world around us. It's just such a beautiful sight, and he gives that to us.

Be grateful everyday you wake, be grateful for the things that you are able to see. Slow down and soak it all in, the colors, the sunshine, the sounds. And say thank you.

Until next time, Blessed be.