Let It Shine!

Posted July 14 2013

The media has been giving me a headache lately and I don't even watch it! I cannot stand the news, nothing is ever good, only half truths and stories that cause fear, hatred and bitterness. Sitting here at my kitchen table, looking out my window and just feeling sad about it all.


I am a believer of energy. We are all connected, energy whirling about all around us. Our energy, the Universes energy, the energy of the Divine. The Divine can be seen as Lord & Lady, Nature, God, however you see fit. It's not new to know that our emotions reflect to others around us. If we are sad, mad or happy, the people around us can sense it. For an empathetic person, which I am, they can really feel it. Now imagine this happening all over the world, large groups of people just angry and bitter. Their energy projects out, causing our world to be unbalanced. I don't think it would be too far fetched.



Lately it seems there has been crazy natural disasters, more murders, more people hating people. I cannot go a day without reading something racist, or people attacking others religion or just being down right nasty just because they feel like it. I wish the media was obsolete, but it cannot be and will never be. The media plays us like puppets, televising murder, plane crashes, deaths, drownings, riots. In turn making people scared to walk the streets, fly on planes, let their little ones swim in pools or leave their house. But that is only half of it, the energy of the people who are angry, hurt, bitter or scared reflect their energy into the world. Thinking of this I can just picture turmoil and imbalance in the energy surrounding us causing more chaos. Yes, I know there is good and bad, darkness and light and one cannot be without the other. I feel that the scales have tipped and needs to be put back in place.

I sit here thinking about our Mother Earth, how we are breaking her spirit down little by little. A tear in my eye and shaking my head, I just don't understand. But then a thought! There may be negativity in our world, and lots of it, but WE have the energy to fight against it. To stay positive and keep balance. It is up to us to spread knowledge, love and nurture our world. It is up to us to be the one that is different and not be indifferent, to show the ones that are looked down upon compassion. It is up to us to open our doors, walk the street with a brilliant smile and love in our heart. To wave at complete strangers, to swim in the ocean without fear, to sing and dance. It is up to us to save Mother Earth and to mend the human race. Let our energy shine, it truly is contagious. 




Then I thought, with a smile, “We'll be like superheroes.” Saving one day at a time (teehee). I would love to hear your thoughts and also the things that you already do or plan to do to help reaffirm the positive in our world, our beautiful Mother Earth.

Until next time, Blessed Be.