A Lil' Change to the Herb of the Day!

Posted April 10 2012

We have decided to change our Herb of the day, to the Herb of the Week. Why? Well, we wanted to provide more detail for each product and allow for additional resources. Facebook postings we too sloppy, and hard to refer back to, and we couldn't include multiple resources. We also wanted to make it easier to read. By posting it DIRECTLY on Facebook, it took up too much space. We wanted to provide more uses for the herb, both magically & mundanely for each herb that we choose. Plus by having the Herb of the week here on the site, it will be easily indexed, for you to refer back to in the future if you so ever needed or wanted to. We will also be posting links to our site, and make special kits to sell that go along with each weekly posting, if you were interested in working with the items/or magical purposes of each weekly posting your self.

Also, we want our fans to share with us how they use and work with our weekly topic for themselves. You are able to interact on the website by commenting in each blog article and you can SHARE it via Facebook and Twitter! So look for the Weekly Magical Musing on our site & Enjoy My Friends!