Spring Cleaning! Tips & Tricks the Natural Way

Posted March 12 2012

Good Greets, My Lovies!

It's that time (thyme?) of year again..Ostara is just around the corner and it's time to make way for new growth! Time to sweep out the cobwebs from the corners of our houses and our minds to open the way for warm breezes and creativity!

I'm having fun re-organizing my own personal space and would like to share some delightful tips and tricks I've learned using herbal concoctions for cleaning and freshening up my household space. This entry will be a growing one, so check back for updates! I'm pressed for time at the mo' but wanted to share a new favorite recipe for getting those musty dusty smells out of area rugs and carpets. Take a look!

Lady J's Magick Carpet Dust

1 cup dried lavender flowers
1 cup dried rosemary leaves
1 cup dried lemon balm
(add 1/2 cup pennyroyal if you have pets to deter fleas)
2 cups baking soda
13 drops essential oil of your choice, preferably something fresh like lemon, orange, ginger or even vanilla if you're feeling sweet!

Mix it all together and sprinkle over the carpet, sweeping in with a broom to get down into the nap if so desired. Leave overnight to absorb odors and freshen. Vacuum up, inhaaaale deeply and ahhh...sweet & clean! This should suffice for a nice small living room or bedroom carpet. :) Perhaps you'd like to whip up a little spell to chant as you sprinkle this wonderful mixture..get creative and make it personal!!

Ants In Your Pantry?

It's inevitable..wherever you live in the US, Springtime also means creepy-crawler time! Now, some of us may be a bit more in tune with our tiniest of Earthy-friends, but I must admit I'm not one of them! I prefer to share my space with lifeforms without legs. My Ivy plants are company enough, thank you. So, here are some naturally repellant herbs and substances you can sprinkle down to keep the most stubborn and peskiest of them all at bay- ants!! 

Sprinkle peppermint, black pepper, chili powder or borax across the line of ant entry, or use white chalk to seal point of entry. Yes, that's chalk, not 'caulk'. Ants WILL NOT cross a line of chalk!

Easy-peasy natural tips, my friends..to save you $$ and save a lil Momma Earth. ;) 

 All-Purpose Wonder Wash

6 cups warm water
¼ cup lemon juice
1/8 cup rosemary leaves
1/8 cup eucalyptus leaves
1/8 cup thyme leaves 

9 drops peppermint or tea tree essential oil
1 cup liquid castile soap  (you can use Dr. Bronner's)

Bring water, lemon juice and herbs just to boiling point in a pot. Let cool naturally to warm temperature. Strain herbs and remove.  Add castile soap and essential oil to water. Mixture can be added to spray bottles or used to mop floor, used with rags to wash down walls, etc. May have disinfectant properties.