Welcome! Creative Beginnings/Imbolc

Posted February 01 2012

Warmest and Brightest of Welcomes, Friends! It is with great honor and pleasure that I begin this first entry here at Blogwich, upon a clear and starry Imbolc Eve. In the old Celtic Traditions, Imbolc was a time of promise and purpose, when the very slightest, faintest signs of the coming Spring and its forthcoming creation began to make their presence known. What a fitting time this is, then, to launch this website, with the heartfelt and sincere intentions of growth and a creative outlet for so many!

Here at Eclectic Artisans we will strive to provide you with unique, distinctive works of art and craftsmanship that you won't find anywhere else. We intend to showcase and make available to you products crafted by community folks, just like you and me, who have nourished and fostered their natural artistic talents with love and honor. Every piece we offer is made with respect, care and in the spirit of art itself, in order to try to convey a special sense of magic to whomever should hold it in their hands. With so many machine-manufactured goods and mass-produced products on the market, we think it is imperative that artist-created works have their place in the spotlight, made available to you, for delightful prices!

Please take some time to browse the site, perhaps over a cup of tea or coffee, and enjoy the wonders these creative hands have formed! We look forward to growing with you!

May Your Hearth and Home Be Blessed,

 ~Lady J.